cheap nfl jerseys Have a script and need a fresh perspective?

Need a script from your idea?

Gunslinger can help you.

Got a script?

We excel at finding and solving story problems. Over the years we’ve helped studio films, independent pictures, and many many spec scripts. If you’ve got a script you love, we’re more than just another reader… we don’t offer studio coverage but detailed nuts and bolts story help.

We’re not Studio readers, we’re writers. We want to help your script get better. We don’t charge to make a living, but just to offset the time spent on your work and not our own. That’s why our rates are low. What you need is to get a writer’s notes about the problems and how to fix them.

Option #1 – Analysis:

What you get: Detailed page by page notes with recommendations for changes, ideas for fixing problems, alternate directions to surmount story issues, etc. (typically 5-7 pages in addition to margin notes)
What it costs: $150 for scripts up to 129 pages. $2 for each page over 130.

Option #2 – Analysis Plus:

What you get: The same detailed notes as Option #1, but with a phone consultation or personal meeting. (Consultation generally lasts at least an hour)
What it costs: $200 for up to 129 pages. $2 for each page over 130.

Need a script?

Not everybody can write, but anyone can come up with a great idea. If there’s an idea you just have to see on paper, Gunslinger can help. Our rates vary depending on the project, so CONTACT US!

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