wholesale jerseys Things we wish every filmmaker would remember. (Including us.)

Show don’t tell: Film is a visual medium, even in script form it’s better for information to be given through actions and not dialog saying or telling the audience what they need to know.

wholesale nfl jerseys from china Strong villains make strong heroes: Films need a villain for the hero to defeat. And if the villain is a pushover then it doesn’t require much of a hero to win. By way of a strange example, consider this: It’s far more satisfying when Homer Simpson defeats Mr. Burns than when he defeats Ned Flanders.

Don’t telegraph: In life, people don’t say exactly what they think or say what they mean. So, when a character does this in a film it feels phony. Good films give needed information with subtext and the things left unsaid. A villain wouldn’t refer to himself as evil. A man running from the feds wouldn’t tell his life history to someone who asks.

Entrances: Think of the way you met Indiana Jones. Or the Terminator. Or Darth Vader. Great entrances create intriguing characters. And intriguing characters make a film memorable.

Plot vs. Character: Films are plot based. They always have a beginning, middle, and end executed in a three-act structure. Great characters with no real story can work well in a novel, but in a film it ends up feeling aimless. The best films have solid plotlines and great characters.

Production Quality Brings Legitimacy: If you could afford to shoot your family vacation with Hollywood cameras and film then it would look much grander. People might even pay to see it. Witness the last Summer Blockbuster you hated as an example of bad stories and bad acting earning a profit because it “looked” good

Don’t fix it in Post: Near miracles can be done to fix everything from continuity problems to focus issues long after a film is shot. But the best way to get good footage is to shoot it correctly on the set. The “Garbage in, Garbage out” (Gi-go) principle applies.

Endings are everything: Filmmakers ask a person to give up not only money, but two hours of their life which they will never get back. If you want to make the audience happy, give them a satisfying ending which makes sense. Anything less is robbery.

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